Sunnyside Poultry

Our Wyandotte Large Fowl are sold at £25 - £40 depending on quality and age. Due to their popularity we run a waiting list for our Wyandotte Large Fowl; once our birds are released for sale, usually around the end of summer, we will contact everyone on the list to let them know of availability. 

Please speak to Ian if you are interested in Wyandottes on 07798 584798.

Like most show breeders, we do not sell hatching eggs or chicks from our breeding flocks.

Show Success

We are very proud of our show results with our Wyandotte Large Fowl:

At the Federation Poultry Show 2015 our Silver Pencilled Wyandotte pullets took 1st and 2nd, our Silver Laced Wyandotte pullet took 3rd 

place and our Gold Partridge Wyandotte pullet took 2nd. 

At the Federation and National Poultry Shows in 2016 our Silver Pencilled hen was 1st in her class and placed in Championship Row. Our Silver Laced pullet came 1st in her class.

At the High Peak Show 2017 we were awarded 1st and 2nd place for our Silver Laced Wyandotte in the large Laced Wyandotte pullet class, plus the rosette for best Laced Wyandotte, Male for Female (large). We took 2nd with our Gold Partridge and 3rd for our Silver Pencilled in the Partridge and Pencilled class. 

At the High Peak Show in 2018 our Laced Cockerel took 1st, our Laced and Partridge hens both took 3rd.



Our Wyandottes are bred by us (Lynsey and Ian Hornsby) at our farm. We pride ourselves in having our own line of the best possible breeding birds.

Wyandottes are beautiful, hardy and easy to get on with birds with clean legs and a stunning rose comb. Leg colour should be yellow, although this is arguably harder to achieve in large fowl.