Sunnyside Poultry

When visiting please ensure that children are carefully supervised at all times and are not allowed to wander unaccompanied or worry our birds.  For the safety and welfare of our birds we do not allow visitor's dogs or smoking on our farm.

All of our livestock are reared to the best possible standards of health and welfare.

As poultry breeding is very seasonal not all birds will be available at all times. Stock from winter to spring is limited. Please contact us for availability if you are looking for something specific.

You will need a clean, lidded, cardboard box or pet carrier if you intend to purchase birds. We occasionally have boxes available to purchase.

Please follow the links on the left for more information on the types of birds we stock.

General Hen Keeping Advice

Please ensure that you are happy with your birds before you leave the premises as we cannot take them back once they have left our farm. If you notice any problems once you get them home please get in touch as soon as possible for advice.

As hens are flock animals they must be kept in same species groups of two or more.

If you are uncertain of how to care for your birds please ask; Poultry Keeping Courses are available for £30 for up to 2 people by prior arrangement. This represents good value for money and is strongly recommended for new keepers.

We recommend that your birds have a minimum of a square meter per bird of outside space.

It is very important when introducing new birds to an existing flock that you quarantine for two weeks, then carefully introduce under careful supervision. Hens can be extremely territorial and are known to attack or starve new flock-mates.

Please remember that it is illegal to feed your hens kitchen scraps or dried meal worms as your hens fall under livestock laws. This is due to the risk of bacterial infections passing from eggs to humans. We recommend that hens are fed age appropriate feed as their main food - ie layers pellets for laying hens must always be available. Fresh drinking water and grit must always be available. Corn can be given as a scatter feed (approx 1 handful per bird per day), and fresh, uncooked and unprepared vegetables, such as cabbage can be offered. Hens must not be given bread, rice, pasta etc.

In order to keep a healthy flock we recommend a weekly clean out using Smite Disinfectant to keep red mite at bay.  Don't forget that just like dogs, cats (and children!) your hens may need occasional treatment for worms or lice.

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