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Hybrid Hens

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Our main season for selling hybrids is early Spring to late Autumn.

All of our hybrid pullets are reared to the best possible welfare standards, are fully vaccinated* and have full traceability. They are usually sold at point of lay from 16 weeks old usually up to 20 weeks old. We have new batches of birds in spring through to early autumn. Please ensure you are happy with your birds before you take them away. We will ensure your birds are in good health before they leave our premises and will not accept returns under any circumstances. 

Hybrid hens are very popular with new poultry keepers and large scale egg producers alike, due to their easy, friendly nature and prolific egg laying ability.

We pride ourselves in supplying excellent quality birds at very competitive prices. Wholesale prices are sometimes available for large quantities, ie 10 plus birds if pre-ordered.

Updates on availability of new batches of 16 week old birds are posted on Facebook.

We can confidently guarantee that all of our hybrids are female.

Please bring your own pet carrier, cardboard box or dog crate you are very welcome - due to our strict rules on bio-security these must be clean. 

This page represents birds we regularly have in stock, but not all varieties will be available at all times. 

Gold Star Ranger £15

One of our best sellers and included in our Starter Pack. Our Gold Star is a Rhode Island hybrid. She lays an abundance of brown eggs, around 300 + a year, and continually proves how placid and hardy she is.

Columbine £20 

The Columbine, bred from the Cream Legbar is our commercial blue egg laying hybrid.  A proportion are crested. She is a very active bird and thrives in a free range environment. Our breeder produces the Columbine in a variety of different colours for us; some are the traditional golden barred Columbine colour, others are black and white barred, or even honey coloured. A good sized slower maturing bird, with 80% laying any shade from sky blue to olive green.

The Columbine will need careful integrating and will take a little longer to get to know, as she has quite a nervous temperament. Being an impressive flier she will need regular wing clipping if free ranging in a back garden.

* Because our Columbines are not commercially reared they are only vaccinated against Mareks Disease. 

Black Star £15

Our beautiful Black Star is bred from a Rhode Island Cockerel and a Barred Plymouth Rock Female. Laying around 290 - 300 brown eggs per year, she really is a stunning bird, being very hardy and placid. Ideal for all free range conditions.

Sunnyside Blue £15

Our Blue lays around 260 brown eggs a year. She is a very clever, chunky, pretty, pale blue grey bird who would stand out well in a mixed flock. 

Sussex Star £15

A firm favourite, a stunning old fashioned style bird, white with black markings around her neck and tail.  Lays approximately 260 brown eggs per year.

White Star £15

The "Road Runner" of hybrids! A beautiful white leghorn hybrid, a particularly active bird laying 300 - 320 white eggs per year. Perhaps not a novice bird but ideal for those looking for a high egg yield rather than a pet.

Speckled Star £15
A black and white freckled feathered bird coming from a barred Plymouth Rock and a Rhode Island Red. Lays a lovely brown egg carrying dark brown spots. We occasionally stock a Barred hybrid in place of the Speckled Star.

Copper Black £15
This beautiful Marans hybrid will produce 260 + dark brown eggs in the first year   

Pied Sussex £15
A brown egg laying black bird with silver plumage around the head and neck; some being more heavily marked than others on plumage. Large farmyard type fowl with very thick plumage and good body weight. Lays approximately 260 brown eggs per year.

Columbian Black Tail £15
A commercial Rhode Island Red so an excellent layer of mid brown eggs. She is a beautiful russet gold colour with a black tail and black neck feathers and will have the calm temperament expected of a Rhode Island hybrid.