Poultry Feed & Supplies


We stock everything you need to get started with chicken keeping.  

Prices correct at May 2020



Layers Pellets 20kg - £8.50

Layers Meal 20kg - £8.50

Mixed Corn 20kg - £8.50

Growers Pellets 20kg - £10.00

Country Chick Crumbs 20kg - £13.00

Game Breeder Pellets (micro pellets ideal for quail and small bantams) 20kg -£10.00

Small Bags of Layers Feed / Corn (Approx 1kg) -£1.00

Mixed Grit / Chick Grit 1kg - £2.50

Bedding (Miscanthus)

Large Bale - £8.50

Outdoor Surfacing - Woodchip
We occasionally have fresh woodchip from our own wood available, which is bagged at point of sale. Please visit on a Saturday if you wish to purchase woodchip. Prices vary depending on bag size. We will use our recycled feed bags, but please feel free to bring your own.

A good range of quality feeders and drinkers are available at reasonable prices. 

Please visit us on a Saturday if you will require help lifting bags of feed or bedding into your car.