Holiday Boarding

For reasons of disease control this boarding service is restricted to birds purchased from us. Other birds will be considered on request, provided that they have been with you for at least 4 weeks and show no signs of parasite or virus. These birds are boarded at the owners risk. This is particularly important with birds purchased from livestock markets or rescues from farm clearances.


Hens - We charge just £1.25* per bird per night for hens, including feed (Heygate Layers Pellets). We have a minimum charge of £2 per night per pen with a minimum overall stay charge of £15* per pen. This is to cover our bedding, time and feed costs.

*This is our first price increase since 2005, applicable from June 2018.

For just an extra £2 per bird we can worm your hens.

If animals need medical attention or or parasite treatment we reserve the right to made a reasonable additional charge to cover our time.

Ducks can be accommodated at £2 per bird per night.

Rabbits can be accommodated at £2 night and Guinea Pigs at £1 per animal per night with a minimum pen charge of £15 per stay. These can either be kept in our own hutches or in your own cages. Please ensure your animals are in good health, parasite free and up to date with any vaccinations. Please also bring along their normal food (if different to Heygate Rabbit's Choice). Please note that our experience and knowledge of rabbits and guinea pigs extends to that of an average pet keeper. 

Terms & Information

Any birds we consider a risk to our own or other boarders will not be accepted.

We ask that your birds are thoroughly clean from all parasites or signs of disease. Please treat your birds with mite powder and give a wormer if we are not worming for you a few days before you drop them off.

Please ensure there are no signs of respiratory problems, runny noses, lice, mites, or scaly leg amongst your flock.

If we find issues that could be potentially contagious whilst the birds are with us we reserve the right to treat as we consider appropriate and charge accordingly.

Birds are to be dropped off and collected during our normal opening times. Please remember that we are closed on Thursdays and Sundays. We cannot usually look after pet carriers / transport crates or boxes whilst your birds stay. We cannot accept liability for damage to or losses of pet carriers or equipment left on our premises.

We can only offer this service for poultry purchased from us, due to our rules on disease control. 

We will not accept liability for loss outside of our reasonable control.

Your flock will be housed in their own pen, next-door to other birds.

If a bird or animal in our care becomes sick or is injured we reserve the right to treat it as we we consider appropriate. If we need medical assistance from a veterinary surgeon we will contact you so that you can make the necessary arrangements. Any interaction with the vet must be between yourself and the vet. 

Please note that our insurance does not cover losses due to illness or injury, and will only cover proven purchase price in the unlikely event of theft. 

Exclusive to Sunnyside customers

If you are going away on holiday and need someone experienced and reliable to take care of your flock, then our boarding service can provide a safe and comfortable place for your birds to stay.


All bookings are subject to the Terms detailed below with drop offs and collections made by appointment during our opening times. Please remember we do not open Thursdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays or when we have shut down over the Christmas and New Year period. 

Please be assured when we are closed to the public, even if we are on holiday ourselves, we still have someone reliable and experienced who takes care of our own and boarding birds.