Pure Bred Bantams

At Sunnyside Poultry we source our birds from a very small number of hand picked breeders of Pekin Bantams, Silkies and Gold Tops, all of whom we have visited so that we can guarantee high welfare standards.

Bantams are usually available through the summer.

Our young son has his own show breeding flocks of Barbu D'Anvers, from which he occasionally sells off-spring.

We use vitamins and Apple Cider Vinegar to help to defend our pure bred birds, but buyers must be aware that unlike our Hybrid Pullets, they do not go through a vaccination program.

Please read our conditions carefully before you purchase our birds.

Off heat youngsters are occassionally available during the summer and a reduced price. These will not be weather hardy birds and still require protection from harsh weather. Whilst we do our best to ensure we identify cockerels, we cannot guarantee sex in younger birds, particularly Silkies.

Most of our bantams pullets are sold at £20. Cockerels are occasionally available.

Pekin Bantams

The Pekin is said to originate from a Chinese Emperor in in the 1800's. Pekins are one of our favourite hen breeds; they are small, very pretty, very friendly birds and make excellent back garden pets.

We usually have an extensive range of Pekin Bantams available for sale, which can include Lavender, Cuckoo, Columbian, Coronation (Columbian dilute), Gold Partridge, Silver Partridge, White, Millefleur, Black.

Barbu D'Anvers

George - Pictured below, breeds show standard Blacks and Cuckoo D'Anvers. The females are exceptionally friendly whilst the boys are feisty - the Jack Russell of the poultry world!


Hatching Eggs and Chicks

We very rarely sell hatching eggs or chicks as, apart from the D'Anvers our bantams are bought in.