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Please read our conditions carefully before you purchase our birds.

  • Because hens are sociable birds, we will not for welfare reasons sell less then two birds to a customer, unless you already have poultry at home.
  • We will never knowingly sell a sick or injured bird.  Our hybrid birds have undergone a thorough vaccination programme; we can therefore confidently guarantee these birds for 4 weeks from the date of sale.  We will not accept responsibility for extra expenses incurred.  We cannot accept responsibility for the loss or illness of birds caused by viruses transmitted by wild birds or your existing or previous flock (ie diseases that will remain in the soil long after a previous flock has left your site).  We cannot accept responsibility for loss or illness caused by poor flock management, injury or mishap.  If you have any doubts about flock management please do not hesitate to contact us; we are more than happy to offer advice.

  • Any pure bred poultry, quail or ducks have NOT gone through the vaccination programme. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that these birds are protected from diseases or viruses carried by their existing flock, previous flock or wild birds. We will not accept responsibility for disease or virus contracted after the birds have left our premises.

  • We pride ourselves on keeping a clean and healthy flock.  For this reason we cannot accept returns. 
  • Any chicks purchased from us are sold strictly unsexed. We do not swap or buy back cockerels. Some breeds such as Silkies are notoriously difficult to sex, unless Silkies are purchased as adults we cannot guarantee hens.
  • When you collect your birds please bring a suitable carrying case with plenty of ventilation (a good, strong cardboard box or pet cage will do).  

  • Payment is required on collection by Cash or Credit / Debit Cards. Debit Card payments free for purchases over £20. Payments by Credit Cards carry a 3.5% Charge. Cheques are not accepted.

  • The welfare of our birds is of utmost importance to us.  If we have any concerns about your ability to care for the birds appropriately then we reserve the right to refuse a sale.