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We stock all of the equipment you need for poultry keeping, including feeders, drinkers, feed, bedding and grit.  These can be purchased separately or as part of a starter pack.

We recommend all birds purchased from us over 16 weeks old are fed Heygates Layers Pellets ad-lib and are given a small handfull of corn as a treat. We also strongly recommend adding organic Apple Cider Vinegar to their daily water and making mixed Grit available at all times.





Anti Parasite Products

Sunnyside Product Selection


Heygates Layers Pellets 20kg

£8.00   Smite Organic Mite Powder 350g Puffer £7.50

Heygates Layers Mash 20kg

£8.50   Smite Organic Mite Powder 1kg Bucket £12.00

Heygates Mixed Corn 20kg

£8.50   Smite Organic Mite Powder 10kg Bucket £40.00
  Heygates Growers Pellets 20kg £9.50   Smite Professional Liquid Con. 1lt £12.00
  Heygates Country Chick Crumbs 20kg £10.50   Smite Professional Liquid Con. 5lt £20.00
  Heygates Game Breeder (Quail) 20kg £9.50   Scaley Leg Mite Spray 500ml £9.50
  Small Bags of any Feed (Approx 1kg) £1.00   Verm-X Poultry Liquid 250ml £16.50

Mixed Grit / Chick Grit 1kg


Health Products

        Apple Cider Vinegar 1lt
  Rabbits - Choice Pellets 20kg £8.50   Apple Cider Vinegar 1lt Refill £3.50
    Enhance - Soluble Calcium & Vitamin C 250ml £6.50
        Scarper Anti Pecking / Vice Spray
        Veterinary Wound Powder 20g

Feeders and Drinkers

    AgriVite Multivitamin Soluable Powder 50g £5.00
  11cm Hook-on D-Feeder £2.50      
  1kg Plastic Feeder (ideal for grit) £3.50  



3kg Plastic Feeder


  3lt Plastic Drinker £6.00   16mm Click Leg Rings - Various Colours £0.10

6kg Plastic Feeder


  6lt Plastic Drinker £8.00      
  10kg Plastic Feeder £13.50  

Omlet Eglu Go Accessories

  12lt Plastic Drinker £13.50   Eglu Go House & Run           £360
  25kg Indoor Feeder £30.00   Eglu Go Run 1m Extension   £79
  25kg Outdoor Feeder £40.00   Clear Cover for Eglu Go        £23

Other sizes always available.

    Heavy Duty Cover for Eglu Go         £23
        Omlet 21 metre Chicken Netting & Gate £99


    Omlet 12 metre Chicken Netting & Gate £79

Nesting - Straw 50 Litre Bag

  Nesting - Straw 50 Litre Bag Refill £3.50      

Bedding - Miscanthus Large Bale

  Bedding - Miscanthus 50 Litre Bag £4.50      
  Outside - Bark £5.00