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Our home bred Japanese and Italian quail are fully grown at 6 weeks and usually can be expected to start to lay eggs at 6 - 8 weeks. Quail are profuse layers of very attractive, delicious and highly nutritious eggs.

Advance ordering is often required when purchasing quail.

We have a very healthy, well cared for breeding group, which enables us to supply a variety of customers, including:

Back garden "pet" keepers with hens and cocks for own eggs
Quail cocks for meat or reptile / bird of pray feed
A restaurant in Burton with quail eggs
A Farm Shop in Cornwall with hens for producing their own quail eggs.

Japanese Quail Prices

Up to One Week Old - £1
Up to Two Weeks Old - £2
Up to Three Weeks Old - £3, £1.50 Cocks
Up to Four Weeks Old - £4 Hens, £2 Cocks
Up to and Over Five Weeks Old - £5 Hens, £3 Cocks. This is the best age to purchase quail if you require hens off heat.

Wholesale prices available: price breaks at 50 and 100, advance ordering required. Please speak to Ian on 07798 584798.

Fertile hatching eggs sometimes available for collection at £2.50 per doz.

If you come intending to purchase quail, please bring a small box.

We will ensure that chicks are in best of health before they leave us, but please remember that young chicks are very vulnerable. Please ensure that you are happy with your chicks before you leave the premises. If you are uncertain how to care for them please ask.

If you are intending to buy chicks whilst still under heat please use a hot water bottle under their box to keep them warm and pad their box with a towel or similar.

Please read our conditions carefully before you purchase our birds.

All are very welcome at Sunnyside Poultry, but everyone, particularly those with children, should be aware that this is a working smallholding and can be hazardous if sensible precautions are not followed. Please ensure that you read and agree to abide by the safety notice (copy here) before you visit us.


Important Welfare Information - Before considering keeping any type of animal, please ensure that you are able to follow the "Five Freedoms" as set out by the RSPCA.

If you are interested in Guinea Fowl please visit www.guinea-fowl.co.uk, breeders and suppliers of guineas, day old and off heat keets, and hatching eggs.

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