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Our purebred stock is changing continually. The information listed will give you an idea of the types of birds we usually have in stock, but we often have different birds to those listed. If what you are looking for is not on our list then please contact us, as we can often get in other birds for you. Our purebred birds are bred either by ourselves or by a select handful of suppliers. We never buy birds from livestock markets.


Hatching Eggs - £1-2 Each
Chicks - £5 - £8

Cockerels - Priced individually

Bantam Pullets and Hens- £15 - £25

Large Fowl Pullets and Hens £20 - £35

Above prices vary either way depending on type and age of bird.


Lovely, easy to get on with birds with clean legs and a stunning rose comb. We are very proud of our show results with our Wyandotte Large Fowl.
At the Federation Poultry Show 2015 our Silver Pencilled Wyandotte pullets took 1st and 2nd, our Silver Laced Wyandotte pullet took 3rd place and our Gold Partridge Wyandotte pullet took 2nd. At the High Peak Show 2016 we took 1st and 2nd place for our Silver Laced Wyandotte in the large Laced Wyandotte pullet class, plus the rosette for best Laced Wyandotte (large). We took 2nd with our Gold Partridge and 3rd for our Silver Pencilled in the Partridge and Pencilled class.
Whilst we have not yet shown our Bantam Wyandottes we have sourced the best possible breeding birds (Partridge and Penciled) from the most reputable breeders in the country.
Our breeding birds include Silver Laced Bantam, Silver Laced Large Fowl, Silver Pencilled Large Fowl, Gold Partridge Large Fowl.

Wyandotte Pullets and Cockerels occasionally available.
Silver Laced Bantam Hatching eggs available during breeding season.


We stock a range of colours of Pekin Bantams including White, Black, Gold Partridge, Cuckoo, Millefleur. We breed our own mixed Lavender Pekin Bantams which includes mottled, splash, dilute Columbian and White making them lovely garden birds.


The Silkie is a very pretty, very calm and friendly little bird, the perfect "pet" chicken! Great broodies and good layers. As it is notoriously difficult to sex younger birds we do not guarantee the sex of birds purchased as growers. The autosexing Gold Top, Silkie x Sussex is regularly in stock.

White, Red & Gold Partridge Silkie Pullets regularly in stock.


The Suffolk Chequer is a very new breed of bantam. We had a breeding trio couriered to us from the creator of the breed after falling in love with them at the National Poultry show in 2014. We took some of our own hatched Suffolk Chequers to the 2015 National Poultry Show and took 4th place for one of our cockerels, which is a great start. They are a lively, inquisitive and friendly bird. There is not a high egg yeld yet, but we hope that we can improve on this as the breed develops.

Suffolk Chequer Pullets and Cockerels occasionally available, please enquire.
Hatching eggs occasionally available.


Very friendly, tiny, highly ornamental, colourful upright bantams with high tail feathers. A lovely breed from Malaysia, where they apparently outnumber cats and dogs as house pets!

Occasionally available.


A very popular and attractive "utility" bird. The hens are friendly, calm birds and lay a large quantity of large dark eggs.

Occasionally in stock.

All of our chickens are reared to the best possible welfare and health standards, but unlike our Hybrid birds our Pure Bred are not vaccinated.

If you come intending to purchase our birds, please bring a suitable carrier.

Please read our conditions carefully before you purchase our birds.

All are very welcome at Sunnyside Poultry, but everyone, particularly those with children, should be aware that this is a working smallholding and can be hazardous if sensible precautions are not followed. Please ensure that you read and agree to abide by the safety notice (copy here) before you visit us.

Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs are always available from £1-2 each from our own birds. If you need any particular breed please give us a few days notice to reserve your eggs as we incubate regularly.


If you do buy chicks (on heat or up to 6 weeks old) these are usually sold unsexed.

We will ensure that chicks are in best of health before they leave us, but please remember that young chicks are very vulnerable and unguaranteed. Please ensure that you are happy with your chicks before you leave the premises and that you have enough knowledge of chicken keeping to spot and deal with any problems.

If you are uncertain how to care for chicks please ask. By prior arrangement we can arrange a Poultry Keeping Course specifically to care for chicks.

If you are intending to buy chicks whilst still under heat it is very important that they are kept warm and are not able to slip on their journey home. We will not be held responsible for harm to chicks during their journey home. Please bring a small box padded with a towel or similar and (depending on the weather) use a hot water bottle under their box to keep them warm. We can fill hot water bottles.

Pullet Growers

Growers (6 to 12 weeks old and off heat) are easier to sex and, depending on breed and age we can be 95% sure that males have been picked out. Some of the cockerels show themselves very early on, whilst others take much longer. For this reason if you buy a bird as a chick or younger grower and it turns out to be a cockerel we cannot replace it for a hen.

Off heat youngsters will not be weather hardy birds and still require protection from harsh weather.

All photographs shown are of our birds.

Blue Orpington



White Silkie



Serama Pair


Silver Laced Wyandotte

Gold Partridge Wyandotte





Important Welfare Information - Before considering keeping any type of animal, please ensure that you are able to follow the "Five Freedoms" as set out by the RSPCA.


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